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What Is "Next Level Agents"?

Next Level Agents is a community of Real Estate Professionals who collaborate to grow their business to the Next Level.

NLA members discuss real estate trends, give advice, share stories, uncover insights, surface opportunities, and even connect in person.

As a Real Estate Agent, NLA is your "secret weapon" to blowing past plateaus and break through ceilings holding your business back.

Together, we're creating the freshest, most relevant content and conversations in the Industry.

How You Can Get Involved

Free Facebook Community

Join the Real Estate conversations happening every day with agents all across the globe in our Free Facebook Community.

Kevin and Fred's
Next Level Podcast

Listen in as Kevin and Fred bring you Quick Tips for Business and Interviews from Top Class Professionals for the Real Estate Industry.

Live In-Person Events

Meet up in person to connect with other Next Level Agents and learn from the best in the Industry.

Run by Real Estate Industry Insiders


Kevin Kauffman

Co-founder, Next Level Agents


Fred Weaver

Co-founder, Next Level Agents


Cody Gibson

Co-founder, Next Level Agents

Our Story

Next Level Agents was started in 2016 as an Online Real Estate Mastermind in Facebook.

At the time, most real estate facebook communities were nothing but spammy wastes of time where agents would post nothing but their own listings and open houses.

The founders of Next Level Agents (Cody Gibson, Fred Weaver, and Kevin Kauffman) knew these online communities could be so much more...

These groups could be a place for the Real Estate community to come together to get questions answered, share hard learned insights from the field, and have meaningful conversations with fellow Real Estate professionals.

The value caught on and the Next Level Agents community has soared to over 24,000 members sharing the freshest, most relevant content and conversations in the industry.

Building on this incredible community, Next Level Agents now goes beyond the online community, bringing agents together at Live Events and Meetups across the country.

What People Say about Next Level Agents

Good quality people, poignant questions, webinars.

Suzy A.

Next Level Agents Member
I like access to the admins. Virtual advice from seasoned team owners.

Adam C.

Next Level Agents Member
Less drama, and more useful info than the vast majority of groups provide!

Jay T.

Next Level Agents Member
This is the group for the high-level s#*t.

Patrick A.

Next Level Agents Member

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